Computer Systems Management

On-site and off-site management all aspects of information technology from planning and budgeting to installation and training.


Software created especially for you and your business. Update and fix existing software. Applications for one computer, a small office or thousands of users at once.

Planning and Budgeting

New system planning and planning for existing system management. Expansion, productivity and budget management.

Database Development

Modification of existing systems. New database creation as stand-alone, locally networked or Internet enabled systems.

Web Design

Cost effective new site creation and existing site management.

Technology Evaluations

Comprehensive surveys of business needs, equipment and software suitability.

Data Transfer & Conversion

Transfer data from old computers to new and change document to better more usable formats.


Setup, maintenance and troubleshooting of small networks for sharing data, printers and Internet access. Wired and wireless networking for as few as two computers. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for remote work arrangements and satellite offices.


Install and configure new computers. Connect to networks and the Internet. Basic and advanced setup. Training on new systems operation.


On-site repairs and door-to-door off-site service. Over 20 Years combined experience.


Save money by upgrading serviceable equipment to extend its useful life. Bring inefficient equipment back to practical use.

Security Management

Evaluation and mitigation of threats to data security, integrity and accessibility for PCs and networks.

Telephone Technical Support

Help with computer, printer and software problems over the phone. Lower rates than in-person service.


Systems designed or purchased for a variety of tasks.

Web Hosting

Inexpensive basic web site hosting and cost effective advanced hosting with comprehensive telephone technical support.

Web Site Marketing

Fine tuning of sites to maximize traffic, site editing and on-line advertising consulting.


One-on-one or small group lessons in many aspects of information technology and programming.


Lessons in practical skills such as hardware maintenance and repair, new PC assembly, programming and systems administration.

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