Hourly Services

Technical Service and Administration

$120 per hour off-site (telephone, remote access). Billed in 15 minute increments.
Discounts available for service contracts.

$140 per hour on-site. Billed in 15 minute increments.
On-site service outside of Washtenaw County may include a travel fee.

Programming and Web Design

$120 per hour. Billed in 15 minute increments.

Prepriced Services

Cloud Office Setup and Migration

Start service with Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 for Business.
Assess and advise business users on the cost, suitability and practicality of cloud services such as email, office software, document sharing, calendars, address books, and online accounting. Set up service with professional, dependable domain email addresses. Assesment of hardware suitability for cloud computing. Basic user introduction to cloud computing.

$250 per company with off-site system setup and instruction. Does not include the cost of subscription(s), registration fees, or hardware upgrades and repairs.

$70 optional per computer or user account for off-site setup, data and account migration from desktop and laptop computers to cloud services.

PC Performance & Memory Evaluation

Assessment and rating of an individual computer's performance and memory. Includes basic advice on upgrade ability and useful life.
$60 per computer.

Individual PC Security Assessment

Security assessment (due diligence) and remediation advice for individual computers.
$70 per computer.

Network Security Assessment

Security assessment (due diligence) and remediation advice for local area networks with up to 10 workstations.
$140 for wired networks.
$180 for wireless networks.

New Web Site Startup

Comprehensive website service. Create a new site from scratch with up to five pages of text and pictures.
Includes 6 months basic hosting and telephone technical support.
$400 setup.
$60 per additional page.

Web Hosting

Unix server space and network bandwidth for websites and email.
$10 per month: up to 10 email accounts, high storage volume and standard bandwidth.
$24 per month: 5X email, storage volume and bandwidth.

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